to a place to feel good.

Today we always forget where we come from. Traditionality loses its relevance.  Our team at the Hotel Alznauer Hof believes that the combination of traditionality with modern elements is the perfect way to develop a place, where you can feel like you’re at home. Since many years the Alznauer family gave the hotel a distinctive character, which will definitely thrill you. Warm colors, cozy rooms, and local products – that’s our philosophy.

The Alznauer Hof unites traditionality and modern ambiance.

Proven ambiance, a dynamic team and a perfect service – that’s what makes us stand out. But more than all superficiality – it’s the feeling we convey to you. 

The countryside of the Swabian Alb is fascinating

The hotel Alznauer Hof is located close to the Swabian Alb and the cities Reutlingen and Tübingen. In addition to the Lichtenstein castle, the Hohenzollern castle and the historic city of Tübingen the countryside offers a lot more to discover.

Local, seasonal and just appetizing – our restaurant Zum Alze

Natural and local ingredients, best meat and fish straight from the producer – added with a pinch of creativity. That’s what describes our dishes in the restaurant Zum Alze at its best. The combination of seasonal products to a culinary experience is our major motivation. 

The satisfaction of our customers is our highest goal.

Our customers are our highest critics. That is why working with Tripadvisor is very important to us.